Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Am the Circle and the Circle is Me

Whooaaa. I just remembered I had a blog and why I have it. Picking up from where I left off...The Ask and The Answer turned out to be as equally amazing and full of surprises as the first installment of the Chaos Walking Trilogy. Ness left me once again at the edge of a precipice and I had to wait until September of 2010 to read the final book Monsters of Men (I preordered). This final installment is breathtaking in its ability to create characters both evil yet redeemable as well as force the reader to question their trust in characters believed to be on the side of right. I don't want to give the climatic ending away, but my heart went out to Mayor Prentiss; something I never thought would happen.
A Goodread friend of mine is going to "read" the Ask and the Answer in audible form. I am a little worried about this. One of the amazing things about this book is the choice the writer and (I presume) publishers made to visually express on the page what it must be like to be able to hear the thoughts of all around you. So, if you do decide to listen to these books, at least pick them up in a library or bookstore and leaf through.
On a more aesthetic note, I much prefer the US covers to the UK ones. The US versions are more foreboding and capture more of what the books are about. Let me know what you think.
One more thing...My daughter was recently "forced" to attend summer camp for the first time and was very, very nervous driving in. She kept repeating "I am the circle and the circle is me"!

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