Friday, March 14, 2008

Poetry Friday

Sorry, no Dylan. I'm going to put my neck out and give you an original poem. It's not quite Dylan, but there is a little protest in there. However, I can give you a list of my Dylan connections: I live in Minnesota; I have seen both Bob Dylan and his son play live (separately); my daughter is named Cate after Cate Blanchett, who played Bob Dylan; wind is my favorite element.
Roundup is at Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup

I went to war and all I got was this lousy license plate

Driving home I see
The car before me has a license plate
And I wonder what could possibly
Make up for all that
No waiting on aisle five
Served first at the bar
The first snowdrop and the last leaf to turn
The comfortable chair and the unrestricted view
Tuscan summers
Peeled grapes
Meteor showers and lunar eclipses
Bread straight from the oven
Upgrades and special offers
The parking space closest to the door
Belgian chocolate
Uninterrupted sleep
Wireless Internet and a big ol’ flat screen TV
Unconditional love
Heck, I don’t know
How do you prove it at the DMV
Show them your emotional scars
I can’t even imagine


Cloudscome said...

Powerful! Thanks for sharing that.

jama said...

Pretty awesome poem. Yes, I felt it . . . Thanks!

TadMack said...

Oh, WOW. I agree: that one's destined to become a classic. Well done, you.

Mary Lee said...

Oh, my! WOW! I love your list...truly wonderful things...and then the ending -- BAM.

Thanks for sticking your neck out with an original. (I know the risk factor is great!)

Mme T said...

Thanks for the feedback. It needs a lot of work. You all are much kinder than my husband!

laurasalas said...

Very cool. I love

No waiting on aisle five
Served first at the bar
The first snowdrop and the last leaf to turn

That third line there, the elemental power after the more prosaic stuff...wonderful!

From another Minnesotan:>)